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First-hand Reports


Not the greatest year ever. But good job bogus. You just keep improving. P.S. I would be amazing if you added to the terrain park next year. ;)

76 day(s) ago - Bogus Basin.


great job bogus. had fun. CLOSED

77 day(s) ago - Bogus Basin.


I rely on ski report for accurate data before I head up the mountain. The slopes open and lifts open are not reflective of what is actually open this weekend. You should update.

77 day(s) ago - Bogus Basin.

Spring Snow 0"

somehow doubtful of even having 29" on the base. its just been to warm. going to take a few turns today but not coming up this weekend.

78 day(s) ago - Bogus Basin.

Spring Snow 0"
Nic DeGrange

I'm debating if I want to go up this weekend for a little spring skiing. Is it worth going up now? Or should I call it quits for the season?

79 day(s) ago - Bogus Basin.