Tourism in the province of Cuneo is expanding both in terms of variety and quality.
The potential of the local area is being increasingly realized and those involved in the field of tourism are increasingly striving to bring to light the particular and typical features of the area.
Thanks to the support and financial backing provided by the various tourist associations it has been possible to work together and combine efforts towards a common goal, that of developing a whole series of highly interesting proposals.

The "Granda", as the very extensive province of Cuneo is known offers a host of natural, historic and cultural attractions, thereby providing the ideal setting for a variety of different types of holiday and itineraries which always have a new perspective to offer on the area, an area which always succeeds in offering that little bit extra.

Cônitours in fact assists all the tourist operators that organize trips in the Maritime Alps area, providing both hotel reservation services, tourist guides, entrance tickets for visits to castles or museums, professional visits or tours of farms or estates producing typical local produce.

This catalogue takes the form of an invitation by Cônitours to the potential visitors to the province of Cuneo, providing a series of itineraries amongst the wealth of attractions that the Granda has to offer.
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  • Restaurants
  • Swimming Pool
  • Sauna
  • Spa
  • Gym
  • Laundry facility

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