Hotel Jafferau


Hotel Jafferau

Antorpol: Perfect family place, just on the slopes!
Good place to stay with family, with very kind staff always happy to help and genuinely nice. Rooms are good standard and very good value for monies. You put on the skis and are already in the...

MaxRockz02: JAFFERAU.
Ok. For Starters AMAZING for skiing. All You do is wake up and hit the slops. What is bad is there disorginization and to get there. THREE HOURS stuck in a Blizzard. Everyone was whining. All...

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General information

  • Type: Hotel
  • Destination rank: 16 / 22
  • Popularity grade: 54


Hotel Jafferau

Localita Fregiusia | 10052 Bardonecchia