Frogner House Hotel Norum

Frogner House Hotel Norum
Frogner House Hotel Norum

Frogner House Hotel Norum


The hotel was originally an apartment building that was built at the beginning of 1900. Mrs Norum who becomes widowed at an early age came to Christiania with her children and fell in love with Mr. Brodtkort who owned the building. Mrs. Norum married in 1912 after which she started pension Norum. The rent for the rooms were 1,25 NOK and 4,50 NOK. At the end of 1930 most guest houses and hospices in Frogner were given hotel status. Guest house Norum become Hotel Norum in 1952.

Mrs. Brodtkort got the King`s gold medal for her efforts to promote the Norwegian hotel industry. Mrs. Brodtkort daughter Ellen and her husband Per Mathiesen took over the Hotel Norum and after them their son Bjorn Mathiesen. Bjorn Mathiesen sold the hotel to Skaugen family in 1997. The year 2000, Rica Hotels took over, and recently sold it to Frogner House. On the 1st March 2013 we took the Norum name back and incorporated it to become our first hotel, Frogner house Hotel Norum.
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General information

  • Type: Hotel
  • Destination rank: 19 / 87
  • Popularity grade: 87


Frogner House Hotel Norum

Bygdoy Alle 53 | 265 Oslo