Casa Pozza Tiziano


Casa Pozza Tiziano

"Casa Pozza Tiziano" was built in the early '900, specifically between 1909 and 1912.The whole house is a clear example of how the "Liberty Style" characterized the architecture of the historical centre of Recoaro Terme; both the exterior, enriched by the use of wrought iron railings and roofs, then the interior with the enrichment of the structure with paintings and frescoes on the ceilings and on walls. A clear sign of the "Liberty Style" can be seen in the garden adjoining the house, where there is a beautiful wrought iron stand. A very important feature of the house, and recurring element in the structures of Recoaro, is the scale of considerable importance, situated in the centre of the house. The frame is made of wood and marble works (“Vicenza’s Stone”) with decorative wrought iron railing and wooden handrail. The House has been recognized by the Veneto Region as a "Historical Residence" since the structure is still in complete harmony with the original architecture and there is a historical sawmill fed by hydroelectric power on the basement of the building, a piece of industrial archaeology. The sawmill was working early last century in conjunction with a carpentry workshop, which was very important during the war period on Mount Pasubio. During the Second World War, the house was requisitioned by the German High Command and the attic rooms were used as prisons for German Officers. Even today you can read the left engraved in wood by a prisoner who lived here during his detention.Since the discovery of the therapeutic thermal waters, and the consequent fame of the area, most of the houses in Recoaro were used for touristic purposes. Also the Pozza family used to rent the rooms: during the winter the family was normally occupying the rooms, while in summer the whole family was moving to sleep on the third floor and leaving the rooms of the first floors, to tourists.Even today, after a careful restoration began in 1988, the House offers guests the opportunity to stay in rooms or apartments with a friendly and elegant atmosphere. A real jump back in the Belle Epoque.
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  • Type: Hotel
  • Destination rank: 1 / 3
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Casa Pozza Tiziano

Via Margherita 34 | 36076 Recoaro Terme

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