Forsthaus Auerhahn

Forsthaus Auerhahn
Forsthaus Auerhahn

Forsthaus Auerhahn

MySimpleAdvice: Best ever hotel in the Black Forest
We have returned to this hotel a few times since our very first visit. It is really the best ever, for everything from a-z. The quality and value are superb. We joined the hiking/fitness group last...

TomatSouthpark: Loved this Hotel - best Spa of tour!
My wife & I were walking the Red Deer Trail (very well organised in UK by Russell Hafter Holidays). We stayed at Forsthaus Auerhahn on Day 4 of the walk. Very difficult to say which of the 6 hotels...

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General information

  • Type: Hotel
  • Destination rank: 4 / 33
  • Popularity grade: 100


Forsthaus Auerhahn

Hinterlangenbach 108 | 72270 Baiersbronn