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via Youtube — 9 day(s) ago
Flying the New Ptarmigan Lift Towers at Loveland Ski Area
via Youtube — 175 day(s) ago

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Firsthand Reports

??land rocks

Ya the 400"+,the ridge, time open,hour from Denver, and click on to vail and see the "like no place on earth" pic.dont hate on Loveland.Colorado is epic no matter where you go!

30 day(s) ago - Loveland.

I'm cereal

Pro no charge to park

89 day(s) ago - Loveland.

Variable Conditions
froyd.eric’s iPhone

Loveland is a fantastic area for every kind Winter sport. I love the above-tree-line bowls and varied terrain. The food is decent. The staff are pleasant and cordial. I've not met any mean people either. The con is that there are no high speed lifts to be found there.

94 day(s) ago - Loveland.


I'm having lift 8 withdraws!!!!!! Come on mother winter, the Colorado folk are going threw withdrawls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

124 day(s) ago - Loveland.

Loveland +

So long sweet Loveland. Until next year! Thanks for the excellent last day for me! Minus the early close due to thunder and lightning!

161 day(s) ago - Loveland.