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Woodbury Ski Area Resort Reviews

by: William Beausoleil - 8th March 2010

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location, tubing
not perfect for all

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Felt I had to post after seeing the abysmal prior reviews, which gave me real pause going and bringing my 5 and 3 year olds this weekend. I was very much on the fence after reading the reviews, and maybe had some low espectations because of them, but did not see a lot of what the other reviewers saw. To give some perspective, I'd been to Woodbury several times, but not in 15 years, having moved out of the area. I've got a 5 year old and 3 year old just on skis this year. The 3 year old has taken to it like a fish to water, the 5 year old not so much. We wente because it had tubing, which the 5 year old would love. If I could get him up a couple of times skiing to help his confidence, that was gravy. The 3 year old would love both. This kind of profile is what you'd be looking for to take your family there, or go without family. One of the group has to be non-skiing to want the tubing. The tubing is on the other side of the street and is flat out very good. (I've never been to another tubing place though so have little to compare it to.) Just a ton of fun, 3 working great tracks, smiles all around. Not your typical skiing crowd either, which can be good. Real fun that. Re the skiing hill, it's obviously tiny. Not tiny like the east coast isn't the rockies, tiny like it's a big backyard run. Maybe a slight exaggeration. But it isn't more than 5 or 600 yards long, I'd imagine. PLEASE NOTE -- For a small hill, it's not ideal for people learning to ski. It is very good for first timers, especially young ones. It has a magic carpet to a gentle area, that's decent. However, if you want to graduate, it only has a couple of options. First is a rope tow, which isn't the easiest thing to use. Second is a lift (think there's a second that wasn't on yesterday) that goes to the top of the small hill. The issue with that is that the hill has some real pitch. Not steep for good skiiers by any means, but not a bunny slope. I saw two people fall in the short time we were there and get a little banged up. My 3 year old has been on skis 5 times, but is a superstar. He had no issues with it. I wouldn't have taken my older son up there even if he wanted to go. We were just back from Okemo and comparing it to a place like that is dumb. The people were bvery nice and friendly though to us, contrary to what other people saw. If considering Woodbury, I would say a couple of things. First, if you have someone who doesn't want to ski, or doesn't want to ski much, tubing is a lot more fun than forcing them to either ski or sit in the lodge. Second, as a first time place on skis, the magic carpet is good (go to right side facing hill because it does slope back to the carpet a bit), and you've got the tubing too. Third, the snowboard park (I board) is fine. If you have teenagers who like that, definitely think about this place. I would not reccomend it to a group that was just skiing, and weren't first timers, as it's not ideal for that beginning range (2-6 times out) and if you really ski, it's going to be too short for you. All this said, I was happy with what we got and didn't find it overpriced. I'll go back.

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