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Firsthand Reports

Mohawk Mountain +

Awesome conditions with machine groomed trails...a real find in CT.

272 day(s) ago - Mohawk Mountain.

Mohawk Mountain +

Great spring skiing! Can't believe there in such good shape. Trail to ourselves. Please hang on a few more weeks!

278 day(s) ago - Mohawk Mountain.


pretty good conditions for the weather...even at night it was warm enough to just wear a sweatshirt

285 day(s) ago - Mohawk Mountain.


Today was decent considering the very high temperature, it was choppy everywhere and a huge slowdown at the bottom. Only good thing was the weather, I wore a sweatshirt and most people did too.

286 day(s) ago - Mohawk Mountain.

Spring Snow 0"
Mohawk Mountain +

great day. great coverage and job well dine grooming. large lodge addition was nice surprise!

287 day(s) ago - Mohawk Mountain.