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Firsthand Reports

Robert's iPhone

Snowed about 2 in overnight, maybe another inch or two throughout this morning.

1 day(s) ago - Winter Park Resort.

Kaye Knox’s iPhone

First day ever at winter park Sunday. Good snow - lots of people. 3" last night. No wind. Fewer people today. Should be outstanding.

5 day(s) ago - Winter Park Resort.

Powder 3"
Winter Park Resort +

yessir...Eagle Wind has been good to go!

7 day(s) ago - Winter Park Resort.

Winter Park Resort +

I'm starting to think on the snow is biased Winter Park the report says 0 today..... but I can tell you that's100% wrong.

9 day(s) ago - Winter Park Resort.

Powder 8"

Is Eagle Wind territory open yet?

9 day(s) ago - Winter Park Resort.