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Winter Park Resort Resort Reviews

by: fucrack - 16th February 2013

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There are some?
Flat and complete lies about how much snow they are getting

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Okay I am going to start this with I am a snowboarder and this place sucks... Ps look at any other snow resorts amount of snow and then minus 5 and that is how much snow Winter park actually got. They will always claim they have more snow then every other resort and then when you get there you are boarding on hard packed pavement. Lets start with the personality of the people working the lifts. It sucks. Never have I been to a resort where more lift operators had no personality or flat out angry and rude. The people inside had a alright personality though nothing that said nice. The lifts when getting off of them are all uphill. I can strap into my snowboard on the lift. Most places have a decline when getting off the lift. This places is all up hill every single lift. Skiers can use there poles to get them to the edges boarders have to climb up a hill to get to the edge. On the Mary Jane side there are some decent hills all moguled up and no terrain that is just steep and nice to ride on. The entire mountain no matter which side you are on goes from maybe thirty feet of down hill to flat forever. Prepare to stay on one edge if you are a boarder. Most of your visit here. You will find one or two tree runs but either getting there or finding them will have you so frustrated that you will have wanted to give up for hours. Every where you go you have to use mountain roads hard packed and flat to get there. Last and this is nothing against skiers but there are a ton of beginner skiers that like the flats and push themselves back and forth on the flats using there poles. The one area you can get away from them is the Mary Jane side and I personally like moguls but the down side is that they are tightly packed and are difficult to navigate with a snowboard. Much easier for skiers then for boarders. Overall since they can't even tell the truth about how much snow they have gotten, have crappy lifts and lift operators, most of the mountain is flat and access roads, Long flat areas where you have to get out of your snowboard just to get to the lift so you can go up the mountain to walk up the mountain. I will not be back unless they give me a free pass I will snowboard a crap resort for free. But they are going to have to pay for my gas to get there as well. Ohh and my lunch. Last but not least this is a mountain better suited for skiers. There is nothing wrong with that. Don't catch a complex skiers. But unless you have poles to push yourself around with and enjoy a up body workout then this place completely, absolutely sucks.

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