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Winter Park Resort Resort Reviews

by: Blackheart25 - 5th February 2013

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You are getting exercise.
Flat, boring, too many moguls, no park, nightlife

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I have to admit Winter Park was a pretty major let down for me. The entire mountain consists of moguls and run-outs. Even a skier would probably get sick of doing just moguls all day. I enjoy them from time to time, but you would constantly run into long stretches of them with no warning. And like I said previously, the run-outs are murder. Sometimes you see more people un-strapped and walking then on the boards riding. It was pretty frustrating at times. The snow was poor even after they got a fresh blanket the night before. I enjoy difficult tree runs and steeps, and that was almost non-existent. you go into the trees thinking you are on some sort of path and end up in a dead end of downed trees and brush. I have a pretty good GoPro video of me plowing into a tree face first because of this. there is no terrain park to speak of. i enjoy park, but didn't hit one rail or jump the entire time I was there. It was also ridiculously cold most of the time. and that is coming from someone who usually can't wear his coat cause he ends up sweating on the mountain. take your gloves off for 30 seconds and you won't feel them again till you go inside. The nightlife in this place is also non-existent. I mean terrible. As in walk into a bar and be the only one there and fear for your life kind of terrible. I spent four days here and then got a hotel for one night in Breckenridge, and it was night and day. Finally got to do some real riding and go to some real bars and restaurants. Lines at the lift in WP/MJ are just as bad as the good places, and half the lifts close randomly nearing the end of the day making it take about 5 runs just to get down to the lodge to leave. I am usually the type to only leave positive reviews as I find the negative ones generally unproductive, but I felt obligated to warn people. If you are unlucky enough to find yourself here, get as far mountain left (skier right) as possible and stay there. Or even better just don't find yourself there.

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