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Firsthand Reports

Jack iphone

I have problems at every resort like vail with a strict speed policy for going like 20 mph but most of the time I go like 60 outside of slow zones LOL

3 hours ago - Vail.

Vail +

Yesterday was excellent! They reported 2", but in some places there was up to 6"+ of super light and dry powder. The crowds were pretty light, too!

13 hours ago - Vail.

Powder 6"

I disagree with the Yellow Jackets being overkill. A lot of people go down the mountain like savages without regard for the rest of the human beings below them. If everyone respected the skier code, speed controls wouldn't be necessary. I'm

14 hours ago - Vail.

Johnathon's iPhone

I agree with the people saying that the yellow jackets were out and about but I never had a problem with them. Just don't go bombing down the slow zone and you'll be fine. Great day of powder on the top though.

14 hours ago - Vail.

Powder 3"

Great snow today. Agree with The below post on Yellow overkill.

1 day(s) ago - Vail.