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Vail Resort Reviews

by: anonymous_user - 18th January 2008

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All of you haters are REDICULOUS!! Or wait maybe this is a plot to trick people in to not coming to Vail. First off i want to tell you that i was born and raised in CO but have skied and snowboared in almost every region of North and South America except for East Coast (why waste my time) a little more background, I lived in summit for like 15 yrs, South West Co for 5 and, spent a season at Mt. Baker, and now live in Tahoe. I have rode all threw Canada, Utah, Wyoming, Califorinia, Oregon, Washington, Chile and Argentina, so i know what i'm talking about. I'm not rich i make $12 hr, but love to ride and know how to use my money, so this is how it goes... All of those people who complain about I-70 traffic, deal with it, dont be an idiot and drive up at 8-9 like everybody else on the weekend, get an early start or go during the week. Use your brain! Yes the paid parking is a down fall, but if you really wanted to you could park in the neighbor hoods where there is bus access and get a ride to the lift. As far as the tickets, your not smart if you pay full price. find someone with a season pass and ask them if you could use it to get a discount, or an employee could help you out get cheeper passes, many gas stations and grocery stores have deals too. Ok thats the lift ticket. As far as lunch, ALL RESORT LUNCHES ARE EXPENSIVE DONT BE A SHMUCK!!! Pack a sandwich in your coat, or maybe you just like to complain, Apres drinks are cheap if you know where to go, many places have happy hour specials, (you wont find them in the main lodges so dont try) go to an actual bar!) OK now that we got the price issue out of the way lets talk terrain, snow, and riding! Those comments on Vail not having any snow? have you actually skied their Dec-present? its been sick! yeah not every day has 12+ fresh but you can easily find it by dipping in to the trees. The reason the front side is packed is because thats where all the gapers and texans are, you know who you are jester hat wearing punks! I was back over christmas break and was able to basically ski up to the lift on Sun down bowl, yeah its a slow lift but the terrain is sick and the line is no where to be found (Maybe i'm giving to much info). Theres plenty of cliffs to huck, steepness in many places, and the park is really good (not as good as breck of course and the big park wasnt up yet). I'll agree you might have more extravagant people walking around Lionshead with fur boots, tight black pants, and fur, but who cares, most of those hussies make for good eye candy, and their not bothering me while i'm killing it!!! I know i wont see them where i'm ripping, So all you haters i'm glad you will never be coming back cause we dont need your negetive ATTITUDE!!! Theres up and downs but you just have to be smart about it! Vail is my favorite all around resort and its sick, i've skied over 50 resorts so trust me i know. I wish all of you who are coming to experience Vail have a great time and may the snow gods be with you.....HATERS STAY OUT!!!

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