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Vail Resort Reviews

by: anonymous_user - 24th October 2007

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As I begin plans for this year's ski vacation, my mind can't escape the miserable episode that I endured last year at Vail. I really don't want to dwell on the fact that I was a coin toss away from spending the better part of my trip incarcerated at the Vail police depot. No, I really don't think that would be in order. That is, to rehash being escorted to the Vail holding pens for a 3-hour interrogation from none other than a glorified snow blower with a badge, who, by the way, was contemplating whether to charge me with criminal theft. No need to mention also that in an attempt to perform 'due diligence' in advance of purchasing my families' tickets online a month before the trip, I asked the likely stoned and witless Vail Call Center's attendant if it would be acceptable for me, the husband, to use one of my wife's allotted 5 days on her pass knowing that she would only ski 4 of them; only to be assured that although it's frowned upon, no one checks. Ahh, sweet memories indeed. See what I get for paying for my wife's ticket and actually trying to use it for my own? Well, you've probably figured from my elevated tone that my opinion of Vail is one of snow white S.U.C.K.I.N.E.S.S!! They are raping eveyrone's wallet and it's not even necessary. I could burp up an easier and more successful ticket plan than their crapass system. Aside from my own personal woes last year, I must say Vail has become a place that I simply don't recognize anymore. I am not comfortable in that stuffy environment and certainly don't like the direction it continues in. It's great skiing, I will admit that. But that aside, it's just too d.a.m.n expensive to enjoy. Is it really necessary to charge $17 to park a car 5 blocks from the lift with 3 flights of stairs to navigate and no shuttle? You catching what I'm throwing up here? There are many ski resorts out west. My advice is to research all of them thoroughly and know that great skiing can be had without having to serve time or donate your children as downpayment on a lift ticket. -Mike

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