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Vail Resort Reviews

by: drsrock - 18th December 2011

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Terrain, back bowls, town, apres ski, restaurants, people, night life
Can be pricey if you don't have

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If you are looking for an easy to get to, all encompassing ski vacation Vail stands out above all. Other resorts do 1 or 2 things really well, but lack so much in other areas, that they have a so called "fatal flaw" which after you experience them will make you say I do not think I will come back here. I love Utah resorts, but state laws limit you from having a great apres ski time. Other than a 1/2 mile stretch of main street in Park City there is no "Ski Town" anywhere worth planing a vacation around. You cant enjoy yourself after skiing anywhere in that state. What a shame to have all those great mountains in that tight A&& state! California, and Whistler have white cement drop out of the sky. I am not spending thousands of dollars and a week of my time on a slim chance I will hit it right. Colorado has many fantastic resorts that you need a whole day to get to. if you can devote 2 full days of travel out of your vacation to get to some of these they are more than worth it. I do not. So what about Vail that makes it stand out? Vail tries to be all things to all people. That is usually spells disaster, but Vail pulls it off. There are better ski towns, better expert ski hills, snowier resorts, but if you are looking for a consistently great, all encompassing ski vacation Vail never disappoints. The resort stats speak for themselves. With the recent upgrades in the town Vail has been transformed into a true world class resort. Near to Denver Airport, and with Vail-Eagle airport in it's back yard, there is no more easier place to get to non-stop. I fly in to Vail-Eagle from the east coast in less than 4 hrs, and get on the slopes by 2 PM. You have to pay a little more to ski here, but I feel, the value you get in return is more than worth the premium. It all depends on personal preference. Unlike some other places, in Vail you actually do get what you pay for!

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