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summit it 10500. just below tree line. protecting all that powder from wind and sun. Perfect skiing

2 day(s) ago - Steamboat.

Powder 3"

The summit is only around 10,000 ft. Nothing above trees. No bowls. Lot of flats. 2 star resort with 5 star prices.

3 day(s) ago - Steamboat.


I can't believe how awesome this place is. elevation is perfect. hardly any wind. the vertical is 3000 feet. town is awesome 2 streets lined with bars and restaurants. and it's another freaking powder day!!!!!

3 day(s) ago - Steamboat.

Powder 5"

For the price charged it would be good to see tow rope lifts installed in flat areas exp mid mtn.

3 day(s) ago - Steamboat.


The elevation is on the low side compared with the bigger ski resorts so don't expect anything above tree line

3 day(s) ago - Steamboat.