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Steamboat Resort Reviews

by: BlackDiamondBoarder - 30th March 2008

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::Summary Not Review:: This place is great there are so many runs so many for each level of skier/boarder. But prepare if you are a level Green skier and you have to get down from the top of the mountain,your better off taking Vagabond although it goes straight down the mountain as long as you ease your way down it's batter then, Why Not when people say it 3 miles long THEY MEAN it. In the summer they use it as a road for trucks to get up the mountain so thats all it is a winding road all the way down the mountain. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ::The Good:: There are so many runs for each level, This place is great for kids if you enroll your child into the ski camp. They will place them into one of six groups and at the end of the day there teacher will give you a report on there improvement and they will decide if he or she moves up to the next level or stay at the same one. And my younger brother who is six started at level two, he could barely make it all the way down the bunny slope without falling. By the end of are trip he was coming down blue with no problem at all. SteamBoat ranges from extremely easy greens to the mogul covered black diamond's if you want a Chalenge you should try Twister it is COVERED in mountain sized moguls. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ::The Bad:: Ok heres the bad, There's not alot of it but there is some. First of all once you get to the top of the mountain and you do a couple runs here and there there probally a one in million chance of being lined up with a run that goes all the way down. You would have to take one lift up to take a run 2/3's of the way down but then that runs ends. So then you will have to take another lift back up so then your 1/3's of the way down then you take a long run all the way down so forget about taking one run all the way down its more of a Zig-Zag down. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ::Food:: Ok alot of people say the Ski Apes is'nt good. Well there half right you just have to know who to ask to give you a good place to eat, many places have good food but not all have great service. But as always the more you pay the more you get so your better off going to a higher class restraunt for higher class service. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ::Rentals:: There are so many places to rent your gear from but I would recomend Terry sports. You can rent your stuff at a great price and if you dont think your boots or Ski's/Boards are'nt fitting you can take it back and they will fit them to you for free. ************IF YOU WANT GOOD LESSONS FOR YOUR KIDS ADULT'S ASK*********** You should ask for Red Brooks yes thats his real name he works at Terry sports and he will teach you or your kids the basic's and the not so well known moves for snowboarding. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Keep in mind this review is from a 13year olds perspective and if I might say so that was a Hell of a review.

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