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Silverton Mountain Resort Reviews

by: anonymous_user - 9th April 2008

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Don't be fooled by the title of "ski area," Silverton mountain is a simulated ski-mountaineering area. In other words, be ready for endless unnecessary hiking and rather little skiing, especially if you are in a high-speed group, which often climb the mountain located behind the normal skiing area (ie. 3 hours of hiking on a mountain without any lift). The guided skiing is really expensive ($130), and gets you a guide that almost always has his own plan for the day, and is rarely open to suggestions (don't even think about asking to ski near the lift). Additionally, with the exception of one guide I met in town, all the guides have a rather condescending attitude, and are rarely very personable. They all have the most self-righteous, "I better than everyone else" attitude, and will tell you lame stories of the self perceived greatness all day long. Also, if you are an experienced back-country skier, paying over $100 for somebody to tell you things you already know is rather annoying. Plus, sometimes I felt that the avalanche danger was rather overplayed, in order to make everything seem more extreme, and to justify the need for a guide. Don't get me wrong, sure there are parts of the mountain that are extremely dangerous, but there are also sections that I would let a gapper ski on his own. Also, $130 allows you to ride the lift, but when you spend you're entire day hiking on non-lift serviced terrain, you feel like you're getting ripped off. And if the snow sucks, and your guides are jerks, and you nicely ask for a refund for your next two days of reservations, you simply are told absolutely not. I mean come on... what happened to costumer satisfaction? Silverton is not the soul of skiing, its a facade of the soul of skiing put on to impress flatlanders and middle-aged men looking for "adventure." Finally, while the terrain is steep, it's not actually any more extreme than the stuff you can find on your own out bc gates, and even inbounds at a regular area like the Butte and Jackson. On the other hand, there are some sweet looking lines, but when we asked if we could ski there, we were told all the nice line were reserved for photo shoots, and pro teams. My suggestion for bc skiers with avalanche experience, is to save your money, and do your own touring on the amazing mountains surrounding the area. On the other hand, if you're nervous about the dangers of the bc, think that a beacon should be strapped to the outside of your jacket, and are blown away by a ski with a 100mm waist, but still want that mountaineering experience, Silverton might just be your type of place.

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