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Silverton Mountain Resort Reviews

by: powfinder - 20th February 2008

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Sorry if I hurt your feelings "Anonymous"! Probably not the best marketing ploy on your part! AIARE Level 3: Advanced Avalanche Training for Professionals and Recreational Leaders, we understand your job! We won't stay home just because you suggested it, no we will live to play yet another day without resorting to defensive bursts of accusations. Many folks have had similar experiances over the years. The mountains are a calming place, you shouldn't be so angry! Work the mountain! Open what you can keep the rest closed. I have shown zero disrespect to any mountain or snow condition as you would like to assume just because you can't take others opinions. We enjoy the backcountry and play within the rules, we are still here. Have been in many avi situations in-bounds and in the backcountry! The "kindergarten" supervision wasn't the worst part though degrading and unnecessary, it was being told "we will call the Sheriff if anyone disappears from the group" on more than one occasion! Like someone was thinking about it! Yeah! That sounds like a great time! Every group I have been with have all been very seasoned professional adults with patrol and/or backcounrty experience and the feeling is mutual! We have had a less stressful time after a six day storm, heli riding in 40" new after having tested the 40 degree slope with stability issues north of the lower 48. Respect for the backcountry has nothing to do with power held over others, consider the source of the previous post! We understand the need to not have anything get in the way of the Forest Service Lease but now with that secured you should have less to worry about! Not that anyone we know is planning a trip there when the snow in Utah is pushing over 100" and counting, not to mention the other super mountains without the self righteousness in Colorado! Snow Cat is the way to go in the San Juans for the cash if you have 6 to 8 snow riders (Super Studs) , when you are the ones forking it out! Twice or even three times the runs with like minded individuals without someone playing the fool. Not every day is "Super Stellar" or "Da Bomb" as some would like everyone to believe. Although it is mostly what you make of it as with all things! "truly necessary in the highly unstable san juan snowpack"? Come on! I wouldn't call 100% of Silverton Mountain severe Avalanche terrain! It is understandable you would be defensive! Loosen up!!

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