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Powderhorn named one of the best tree skiing in North America

7 day(s) ago - Powderhorn.

Adrian's iPhone

How warm has it been? We were planning a trip out to do some backcountry near Powderhorn but I hear it could rain. Any updates would be appreciated.

263 day(s) ago - Powderhorn.

Powderhorn +

take 4 lift is broke. sitting here for 30 minutes and have only moved as far as the terrain park.

267 day(s) ago - Powderhorn.

Machine Groomed 0"
Powderhorn +

Night Skiing Was Awesome

273 day(s) ago - Powderhorn.

Powder 4"
Powderhorn +

Good to be getting snow!

276 day(s) ago - Powderhorn.

Powder 0"