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The season over all i would have to give it about a 3 I hoped that the snow they pridicted would have fallen and i think keystone could have done a better job on grooming like some trails were over groomed

11 day(s) ago - Keystone.

Darren Wellenreiter’s iP

Funny, I ski and snowboard and the only people to ever cut me off are skiers while I'm boarding. Try both so you understand the limitations of each. Much easier to stop/turn on a dime on skis than a board. So maybe you really cut the boarder off?

12 day(s) ago - Keystone.

Nick's iPhone

Best day! No lines! No ahole snowboarders cutting you off. Drop everything and come up for sure! #taxdaysnowday

13 day(s) ago - Keystone.

Powder 6"
Keystone +

Park all to ourselves on the last day. No traffic, no lines. Very slushy, but fun! The pool ski was fun to watch. Thanks Keystone for a great year.

14 day(s) ago - Keystone.


Let's be honest if you don't mind ice in the morning and watery mashed potatoes in the afternoon then the conditions at keystone are great for you. it is turning into Browntown out there so watch for rocks.

19 day(s) ago - Keystone.

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