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Keystone Resort Reviews

by: skoo - 28th March 2009

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great deal, lots of terrain, terrain park, lots to do
ski school sucked but they made up for it!

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First timer to Keystone with my first time snowboarding wife. We stayed at Keystone for 5 days straight. I was a good boy and stayed with my wife most of the time. LOL. She went to snowboard school and had a horrible experience the first day. The instructor left my wife on top of Dercum Mtn by herself and never attempted to help her. He just left her and went with the rest of the class down the mountain. I was pretty pissed as I paid alot of money for the school. The 2nd day, I decided I was going to try to teach her the basics. She was a trooper and tried to keep on learning even though her butt was really sore. On the third day, we decided to go to the school front desk and explained what happened on the first day. They spoke to the instructor and they gave us a voucher for a private lesson. The new instructor was a lifesaver and all in all, the ski school experience started off bad but they made up for it and resolved it by giving my wife a private lesson (which was valued at $300.00). Like I said, the new instructor was really nice, patient and did his job perfectly. Kudos to him (wished I remembered his name). That was really the only bad experience at Keystone. Of course I didn't have the chance to ride the whole mountain since I was on good behavior and stayed with my wife most of the time. But the mountain has lots of varied terrain that I hope to explore next time I visit Keystone. I am going to give the Windows, the back side bowls a try next time. It looked pretty fun. The base (River Run) village area is a nice play to explore and eat at (expensive food). Mardis Gras was fun but I hear from the locals that Keystone is moving towards a complete family friendly Mardis Gras in the future. by the way, get the $3.00 Irish coffee at the coffee shop in River Run!! tasty stuff!! All staff were friendly and helpful at the resort except for the first instructor we got. Keystone has some great deals on the internet so be patient and wait till the deals come up. We got a condo for $99.00 per night and lift tickets were $62.00 per day per person (the lift tickets get cheaper if you book lodging and lift tickets together). Also night school was free for us (another great value), I really chose Keystone because of the great deals and night skiing/snowboarding. The night boarding was awesome as I was able to get away and ride solo. The night views from top of Dercum is gorgeous! All in all, I will visit Keystone again and will definitely explore the whole mountain. There is one more thang though that I have to talk about. I used to ski in my teenager years and I love skiing as I think its fun and anything to do to be out in the slopes is all good with me. Now, for the past 15 years I have been snowboarding. I have ski'd and boarded at BC Whistler, Mammoth, all of the Lake Tahoe Resorts, Kirkwood, Socal resorts, Canyons-UT, backcountry and so on-I have been around the block. I have never never ever have come across any skier vs. snowboarder BS but I guess there is a first for everything. So here we are at Keystone and I have never experienced so much BS and boarder hating like I did at Keystone. I have never gave any skiers any type of hate and actually enjoy my time with skiers/boarders. We are all there to have fun and as long as we respect others (in the real world too), there shouldn't be any problems. But no, those yuppie a$$ and dorky skiers (not all of them-like I said-I don't hate on anyone) who gave me and my wife crap because we are snowboarders need to be driven off the cliff. These yuppies were so rude and disrespectful, I seriously was about to lose it and grab this one guy off the chairlift and slice his neck off with my snowboard edge. But I kept my cool and wasn't going to let any dumb skier ruin my time there. One skier actually physically assaulted my wife by throwing something from his bag at her head (there was no provocation on our part as we were just sitting on the beginner run since I was teaching my wife), this skier was about to get a elbow lock/break grab from me as he got off the chairlift, but my wife told me to cool down which I did. Again, what is up with all of this skier vs. snowboarder hate especially by the Keystone. I know I know, sometimes the jibbing is done in all innocent and goodfun (which I am game for) but once it gets to the point where they are trying to physically get at you, then its a different story. Again- all you haters-get off the bandwagon or go play on I-70. That's my review and piece and again, Keystone is definetely recommended!!

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