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Keystone Resort Reviews

by: anonymous_user - 13th November 2007

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I am from the east coast and moved to Colorado 15-months ago for business. The majority of the 2006 ski season we (my wife and I) skied at Keystone and enjoyed every minute of it. Let me give you a little background on our experience's. For starters, I have skied on both the east coast and west coast, and now here in the Colorado Mountains. I also have other family members here in Colorado that ski. A few years ago a family member was hit by a out of control snowborder at Breckenridge and nearly killed, she was my mother, during the trial they determined by physics and geometry that the 20-year old was going between 45mph and 50mph. My wife and I started the 2006 ski season at Breckenridge in the first few weeks of operation. On every trip to the resort we encountered problems. As an example, we were standing in line and people were throwing trash (drink bottles they had just finished on the ground instead of in the trash can a few feet away, the're minimal ski patrol policing the mountain if any, I was run into by both snowboarders and by skiers). Often, while skiing down the run you could hear people on the chairs swearing and smell the pot they were smoking. I think the major problem for me and my wife (we are 36 and 30yrs old) was the fact that the mountain was not policed for out of control skiers or patroled in any mannor at all - ever that we witnessed. The over-all atmosphere was that of a thug environment. By the way I am a snowboarded! And that's a whole nother story. After a few more trips up we decided to try KEYSTONE. What a difference. From day one we had a blast. The staff and people that ski this mountain are an entirely different crowd it seems. We were refreshed to see that the mountain was actually policed by ski patrol, clean and more managed. All the runs are easy to get to and fun. I would strongly suggest that you STAY AWAY FROM BRECKENRIDGE and focus on one of the BEST - KEYSTONE!!!

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