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Not a bad day finally. a couple peak 8 and 9 blues with pockets of hard powder and some icyness. trails were somewhat crowded but lift lines were well under 5min.

2 day(s) ago - Breckenridge.

Machine Groomed 0"
X mas wisher

Snowed all day, only few trails open. Get out there!

8 day(s) ago - Breckenridge.

Powder 5"

It's been a horrible start to the season this year (Blame LaNina for that), but regardless they were able to open a few runs on peaks 8 and 9. Pretty crowded since everyone is jammed into one area but it was still a lot of fun despite natures reluctance to dump some snow

8 day(s) ago - Breckenridge.


Was there yesterday. The hills have so much ice on them it was totally unenjoyable. Super crowded.

10 day(s) ago - Breckenridge.

iPhone (2)

Looks like snow is on the way.....can't wait to see more trails and lifts opening up.....two weeks out!

13 day(s) ago - Breckenridge.