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Been there the past 3 Aprils, one until closing in which there was a foot of snow on the first closed day (employees day). We go Presidents week and April...Have had deeper powder in April. Slightly lighter in Feb, but in April you can chase corn around as well. Less people equals more untouched in April.

2 hours ago - Breckenridge.


I ski at Breckinridge all the time, it is always 100% awesome. I have never had a bad day there.

2 hours ago - Breckenridge.

iPhone Alex

That's what they said about his month, but it snowed 5 feet last week. No way to predict the mountains

15 hours ago - Breckenridge.


don't know when your break is but there will be plenty of snow. Actually Nvm, they're saying record high temps. You're probably better off going to Utah.

1 day(s) ago - Breckenridge.


Deplorables. Really bring politics into to skiing.

5 day(s) ago - Breckenridge.