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Breckenridge Resort Reviews

by: anonymous_user - 16th November 2007

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Response to the MARCH 23, 2007 REVIEW: I agree that Breckenridge does have some great area's and slopes that provide some serious fun. I think you've been missinformed about the cause of accidents unfortunately. I am surprised by the number of families that still go to this resort, because it's a dangerous place to ski and the resort and the local sherrifs office act in concert to protect this information from getting out. Last year a young skier was actually beat to death in their parking lot, the number of accidents that occur would stagger you, and the resort has NO liability because of the Colorado Skiers Law. You assume all resposibility even in the case out an out of control skier! The bottem line is, yes they do have more families than most resorts I bet, and I have had to dive out of the way before hitting a young one that cut in front of me too. But the SAD news is that I have NEVER seen a person get pulled over and badged at Breckenridge and I have witnessed many out of control skiers and snowboarders on EVERY trip to the resort. I'm a snowboarder so I can say's the snowboarders that are almost always out of control and here's how you solve the problem. One, Actually patrol the mountain like a traffic cop does, park and wait for someone to speed by, I gaurentee that you'll get way more than you think. Two, define speeding on a snowboard by, not being on either a toe or heal edge, being on a plane (the flat part of the board), and while being on a plane the snowboarder is to be considered speeding if he/she covers a certain number of feet and it is determined that they could not stop in a reasonable amount of time in an emergency. Example, a patrol is watching a snowboarder come down a section of mountain, there are other skiers and boarders on that same mountain, the snowboarder is not using the control method of heal to toe boarding to maintain or slow speed, he or she is on the flat part of the board (planing) and has traveled say 35 yards and not acted to slow or maintain a reasonable speed. On almost every section of mountain (green, blue or black) being on a plane for 35 yards would result in a serious buildup of speed. Almost anytime you hear the chatter of a snowboard it's the rider trying to slow down and get an edge back (be in control), and you hear it all the time.... I wish the Vale Managment Company would take this issue seriously and do something about it. It's not enjoyable to ski or snowboard down the mountain worrying about being hit, looking out every minute for someone to blast by you or blast into you, and you better be looking out. Because I almost got hit yesturday by someone that was going way to fast and passed within 24 inches of me. It makes buying a $400 dollar annual pass questionable at best.....

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