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I love Beaver

25 day(s) ago - Beaver Creek.


I like beaver better than vail. vail is too big and your spending most of your day traversing to get wear you want to be for a run or to then move onto another traverse. at least at brave you can get sucked into a single chair for a while and have fun even run and still have time in the day to explore others

153 day(s) ago - Beaver Creek.

Tyler's Phone

Beaver is not the best overall resort. I give it to nearby Vail

165 day(s) ago - Beaver Creek.


Would be nice if on the snow got closing dates correct Beaver Creek close April 12th not the 18th

179 day(s) ago - Beaver Creek.


Today (4/12) is closing day. :'-(

180 day(s) ago - Beaver Creek.