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Firsthand Reports

Beaver Creek +

Beaver Creek Rocks

110 day(s) ago - Beaver Creek.

Beaver Creek +

Not Bad, sleeting a little, nice turning potato substance. Pretty good for April 9th

111 day(s) ago - Beaver Creek.

Spring Snow 2"
Jimmy Minardi

No better way to finish the 15-16 season Snow was epic

112 day(s) ago - Beaver Creek.

Beaver Creek +

Powder at BC 6 inches yesterday, 8 inches today very nice day.

119 day(s) ago - Beaver Creek.

Powder 8"
Dave's 6s+

Great day. Way more than 8" in places. Rose Bowl great first thing, as were Cataract, Spider and Ripsaw. Starting to get skied out at 11am but still pow to be found in trees.

120 day(s) ago - Beaver Creek.

Powder 8"