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Beaver Creek Resort Reviews

by: tomkat11 - 24th April 2008

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My 13 yr old son and I really enjoyed BC. Any resort that serves free hot chocolate in the morning at the top of the lift, understands customer service. They also have free chocolate chip cookies near the end of the day at the base. I liked the terrain particulary at the top of the mountain. More forgiving for me, but also fun for my son, although he was more willing to take challenging runs. Hey, I'd 59 yrs old, so I need a calmer experience! We had 3 to 4 inches of powder on 2 days, so that was a pleasant experience high up on the slopes. We stayed on the upper slopes most of the days. The main lodge is nice as are the mountain lodges. Clean, fairly new (as opposed to Vail's dated lodges). Hey, I was impressed that they had scented candles in the men's room, nice touch. Made you feel human. You know how bad that place can be. Overall, not as sunny as I had hoped considering the advertising is 300+ days of sunshine. My wife did say it was sunny where she was (she doesn't ski, so stayed in town much of the time). Guess we had 3 of 6 days of reasonable sun on the mountain. (our 1 day at Vail on the back bowls was totally cloudy, so harder to have a good ski day with such flat light) My son enjoyed riding behind the grooming machine which did a great job of corderoy (sic). Not going to look up how to spell it correctly... One ski lift was particularly windy. Must be a natural wind tunnel. Too lazy to look up which lift, likely don't remember since it is now late April as I write this. We were there in the 3rd week of January 2008. We had a great time since the slopes were not very crowded..we purposely went when there was no particular school vacations. Only large group we saw was for some racing events during that do kids get off and travel from California to Colorado to ski in races? Guess I missed out in my youth! We also skied a day in Vail, but we liked BC much better. Vail is a bit dated, althought the night life in Vail is better than BC. There ski school area was a bit worn. BC's was nice, fresh, friendly. Staff at the ski school was very helpful, particularly when you walked in in the morning at a newbie,,they showed you what to do and actually looked like they were having fun as well. Lots of ski school instructors from distant lands. Fun to talk to them about how they ended up in the Colorado resorts..Again something I missed out on, growing up.... The selfish part of me wants to keep you away from this mountain, so it will be less crowded for us :>) But I would recommend it

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