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Aspen/Snowmass Snow 101

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Firsthand Reports

Aspen / Snowmass +

It's day of Encore#2!

119 day(s) ago - Aspen / Snowmass.

Powder 4"
Aspen / Snowmass +


132 day(s) ago - Aspen / Snowmass.

Powder 8"
John's I-Phone 5c

Good day at Snowmass. Crunchy in the morning, 5" in the afternoon. Should be amazing snow tomorrow.

144 day(s) ago - Aspen / Snowmass.

Powder 5"
Aspen / Snowmass +

it snowed today!! at least 3 inches of fresh at the base of aspen. visibility at top was pretty bad so stuck at the bottom. there is hard base so hopefully it snows more.

144 day(s) ago - Aspen / Snowmass.

Variable Conditions 3"

another sick day at snowmass. love this place

149 day(s) ago - Aspen / Snowmass.

Packed powder 3"