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Gonna miss snowboarding for a while...

122 day(s) ago - Cascade Mountain.

scott's iPhone (3)

Last day is 3.13!

141 day(s) ago - Cascade Mountain.


Sunday was great. don't know how much longer it will stay.

143 day(s) ago - Cascade Mountain.


Great spring conditions. still complete coverage and not icy today. get it while it lasts.

144 day(s) ago - Cascade Mountain.

Cascade Mountain +

Had the family all snowboarding there yesterday. Some patches of ice on the blacks, but overall fairly consistently decent snow quality. Rail competition with music and outdoor BBQ and merchants made for a fun energy during the day. Only complaint is that they close the Cindy pop side of the hill at 4.30 pm. It's the most fun part of the mountain in our families opinion! Come on Cascade, get lights out there already!! Hope to come back once more before season close.

144 day(s) ago - Cascade Mountain.

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