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Lots of snow needed. All snow was skied off and very hard pack yesterday. Lower levels are thin with small rocks and branches exposed.

14 day(s) ago - Kicking Horse.


Mostly hard pack but softer conditions can be found in some spots at the top. Completed a couple of runs but it was cold we decide to return another day

15 day(s) ago - Kicking Horse.

Hard Packed 0"
Eimear's phone

As an intermediate snowboarder, kicking horse still needs a lot more snow. Powder to be found in the top bowls but once you drop under stairway to heaven chair, it kinda turns to garbage. Marginal ski conditions signposted on all blues, a lot are unskiable with the amount of twigs etc and the others turn to mogul runs quickly. Not the most fun day for an intermediate rider.

17 day(s) ago - Kicking Horse.

NicoleLyn’s iPhone

Great fun' Always my favourite! Lots of powder and not too busy!!

20 day(s) ago - Kicking Horse.

Powder 4"

Snow is great up top, lots of powder to be found. Bottom is okay but still needs some coverage in spots.

22 day(s) ago - Kicking Horse.

Packed powder 3"