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Tahoe Donner Resort Reviews

by: Truckeelocal - 27th January 2009

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Very family friendly, excellent ski school
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Both of my kids have been through snowflakes program. We had an excellent experience with snowflakes as its one of the best ski school offered for little kids ages 3-6. The price is right and the instruction they receive is spot on. Sadly it seems lismo was there during the busiest times of the year Christmas Break. Not sure why a ski school will have an art program when its all about teaching kids how to ski, not how to become an artist. They're not babysitters but, instructors in teaching kids how to ski and giving them the basic skills in order to ski with parents and friends. If your kids learned basic skills and now can ski with you somewhat I consider that a success. If your looking for an art teacher and a babysitter I suggest you hire a nanny to teach your child to become an artist and babysit your kids, this way you'll be much happier and a win win for all.. If you want your child to learn to ski, than put them in ski school and read what they have to offer as I am sure art programs are not one of them.. Before the end of there lesson they do go inside and take of equipment and I have seen instructors sitting with kids and keeping them company waiting for parents to pick them up.. Most likely you where one of those parents who dump their kids and go. Rules state your around the whole time during the lesson this way it insures kids are picked up on time and of course around if their should be a problem.. As for the instructors speaking Spanish to each other so what.. Why can't they talk to each other in their native tongue? They teach your children in English and maybe at the time they where speaking to each other was a transition time where no instruction was needed. As for the manager. I know Shelly well and I have never ever ever seen her be hostel, or snap at anyone ever. She has years of experience with children and her customer service is to be commended having to deal with uppity rude tourist who come to town. Maybe your family was just having one of those days of the hustle and bushel of the peak season and you needed to blame someone and sadly your ripping on one of the best ski schools Truckee has to offer.. Maybe you need to come back and try again I am sure you'll be very happy with the program Tahoe Donner Ski School has to offer.

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