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Squaw Valley - Alpine Meadows +

nice blue bird day at alpine. got there around noon. no crowds, nice snow, and tons of sunshine. did a few runs down roundhouse, then summit. sunspot snow was light packed powder (best spot of the day). lakeview was sweet, and sherwood was nice too. all in all a great day

1 day(s) ago - Squaw Valley - Alpine Meadows.

Spring Snow 1"

Another 8" of snow but heavy. Miss the Colorado/Utah powder. Not sure what to think about this place. Lifts are as slow as molasses in February and runs are short. Don't think they want boarders here either. Ever heard of benches?

4 day(s) ago - Squaw Valley - Alpine Meadows.

Packed powder 8"

Good day at Squaw! Yes, the place was packed, but the snow was awesome and even at mid mountain I didn't hit long lines. Folks started break off at 2pm, and by 3pm, we had the lower east lifts (Red Dog, Squaw Creek) to ourselves. It was cold and snowy but skiing was great. The biggest downside to Squaw is getting in ... and out. 80 West was closed due huge pileup at 3:30pm, and traffic didn't start flowing from Squaw and 89 until about 6pm. A mess!

5 day(s) ago - Squaw Valley - Alpine Meadows.

Squaw Valley - Alpine Meadows +

great day at Squaw if you know where to ski. Hit KT at 8:30 got 6 runs in before 9:30. Took the Fuitel up and noticed Siberia was spinning I looked again and they were loading. Got there did 5 runs there. Then off to Emigrant for 4 runs there 3 down the front side and 1 down the backside. finally hit a line at Granite 1 run there and 1 down Shirley. everybody and there mother was down there. started down the mountain run and when I got to Headwall there was no line so up I went. Hogs back was epic. when I got back to the Headwall lift for another run the line was insane so back to KT for 2 runs down Red Dog Ridge then 2 at Squaw Creek. I was out of there at 1:30 and home in Truckee by 2:40. if you know how to Ski Squaw you'll have a great day..

5 day(s) ago - Squaw Valley - Alpine Meadows.

Robert Pousman’s iPhone

Top got about 10" but visibility poor. A lot less crowded. This week when plebeians depart....mmm mmm good!

6 day(s) ago - Squaw Valley - Alpine Meadows.

Powder 10"