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Soda Springs Resort Reviews

by: anonymous_user - 1st March 2008

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There are some good points about Soda, more so when considering family friendly prices. They have good deals for family packages etc. It's also good place for pure beginners with kids for learning to ski based on the slope difficulty and rental packages. However, there is a serious lack of maturity from the staff there, and little or no supervision. At one point, my 8 year old and I were getting on the lift, him being a beginner, and he fell, which is a pretty common occurance on the beginner lifts. The kid manning the chair stood and stared at us while I struggled to get him back on his feet. Didn't move a muscle to help! He even looked a bit annoyed at us. I gave him a really dirty look once we managed to get back up and onto a chair, and he seemed completely oblivious to why I would be mad. We decided to do some tubing that afternoon, since the prices were good. However, they had kids running the show there too, and again, no supervision. It was the Tuesday after Presidents Day, and there were about 10 of us in line at any one time, which is not a long line in my opinion. However, it took 20 minutes for us to get to the front because they didn't have nearly enough tubes, requiring users to wait for a tube to arrive. This was particularly annoying in the longer tube run, as it ends a solid 50 yards from where you need to drag the tube over to the next person in line. How long does it take an 8 year old to drag a tube 50 yards? I could not understand why there were not staffers at the bottom of the run waiting to help drag the tubes back over, and I was really annoyed that they had so few tubes. When I voiced my feelings about the lack of tubes to one of the staffers who looked more "senior" than the others ( he looked like he might actually be out of high school, although his mohawk hair cut made it hard to tell). he simply brushed me off and said " you should have been here yesterday. The wait was an over an hour for a tube." This was his answer to my complaint. If they would have just had another 7-10 tubes on each of the hills, the wait would have been cut in half. That's just being cheap in my opinion. After getting in 3 tube slide runs in 60 minutes, my kids were sick of waiting in lines and asked to leave. So much for the bargain prices. Cheap yes, but you get what you pay for, including unhelpful, inexperienced staff. I'm not going back there.

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