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Snowiest Resort of the Week: 1.21-1.27

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Firsthand Reports


Went yesterday (2/11), there were some scattered showers last night and in the morning till about 10am. Made the snow a bit mushy, which was nice in my opinion. After that we saw a bit of snow. All beginner, intermediate and free style areas were nice and powdery. Went on one Diamond trail next to miracle mile, was soft at the top, a little icy at the bottom.

7 day(s) ago - Snow Summit.

Wet Snow 0"

Went yesterday; the runs in the morning were icy but as the day went on, the runs were ridden and the sun warmed up; turned out to be a solid day!

14 day(s) ago - Snow Summit.

Machine Groomed

Anyone been this week? Curious how the latest dump is holding up with this warmer weather.

17 day(s) ago - Snow Summit.


to the person who asked when to leave..... I would suggest leaving at 5 if you want to get there before the resort fills up. if you're planning to go the day after I'd leave at noon. if you have any more questions you can E mail me at

24 day(s) ago - Snow Summit.


What time would you suggest leaving SD in the morning if you were planning a day trip this Saturday 1/28? Trying to plan an early departure to beat potential traffic. Thanks!

25 day(s) ago - Snow Summit.