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Snow Summit Resort Reviews

by: Aguilar - 3rd March 2008

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Went to SNOW SUMMIT on Feb. 25 '08 (Monday). They say the place is empty on weekdays, but there was a significant amount of people there this time for some reason- Mostly people just learning how to ski/ there was a lot of people dodging going on for some of the slopes. It was kind of icy, but you can't really blame that on the resort. For the drive (I have 2 hours away) and the price, it was ok and I would probably go back just for the heck of it someday. Lift lines were great, we never waited more than five minutes in line. Worst part of this resort is the fact that most of the staff we encountered or even just observed was really unnecessarily rude and grouchy. I saw the staff yell at some guy for the most trivial thing, when he could have just said it politely. And any time someone didn't get out of the way immediately at the top of the lift, the operator would stick his face out the window, sneer, growl and yell at the people. I mean, sure it's annoying when people block the drop-off but come on, do these guys really hate their jobs so much that they have to blow a gasket every time some newbie makes a simple mistake? Boarders were pretty unfriendly, from what I saw. I was riding the lift and I saw a 12 yr old girl skiing down below. She fell, and two teenagers kicked snow all over her as they rode past. They rode off laughing and cussing. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Overall good place to go if you've GOT to go snowboarding and you live nearby, but the winding road combined with So. Californias rude/bad/spaced out drivers (such a shame that I live here) makes me feel like it's too much of a hassle to get to such a mediocre skiing/snowboarding experience. Keep you kids away from here, but if you're a grown up and can put up with a bunch of punks, go for it.

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