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First-hand Reports

anonymous user

China peak is a joke they got 2 ft but wait a week to open its getting hot melted and froze so the snow is junk now poor way to run a mountain. Go to tahoe better attitudes

20 hours ago - Ski China Peak.

Adam Orandi’s iPhone

Sierra Summit...... That was a great local place to ski.

1 days ago - Ski China Peak.

Variable Conditions
anonymous user

China peak not open yet 2 ft plus off snow I'll never buy a season pass here agian

3 days ago - Ski China Peak.

BRIAN’s iPhone - Tri2Ski

Snow is HERE! We are off to a good start with some good natural snow and a help from Mother Nature! Cold nights make for good snow making, so the CP team are working hard for us!

3 days ago - Ski China Peak.


China peak always takes forever to open and first to close every since the new ownership took over. They won't make snow either unless they already have a lot of snow. They claimed the recent storm didn't give any ski resorts snow in California, but Northstar reported 13 inches one day and some less snow over multiple days. Heavenly reported some as well.

10 days ago - Ski China Peak.