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john's iPad

Spring heat! Had a fun day riding...great spring conditions....prices were reduced and beer was really cold and cheap! My season is done and today was a perfect way to end it! Great staff and great season! Get your pass!!!

53 day(s) ago - Ski China Peak.

Ski China Peak +

Just left after 2 days. Lots of snow. Pow was coming down and accumulating. If it keeps up - should be stellar!

61 day(s) ago - Ski China Peak.

Packed powder 2"
iPhone (2)

Website says little softening, it is getting insanely slushy by 12 before then is is nice. It is very hot up there

62 day(s) ago - Ski China Peak.

Variable Conditions 0"
Ski China Peak +

Hot, no coat needed. Snow crunchy early and softened early causing sticky ski syndrome Beautiful day though.

72 day(s) ago - Ski China Peak.

Ski China Peak +

77 day(s) ago - Ski China Peak.