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I just figured it out. China peak needs at least 50 inches of snow and cold temps to open.

3 day(s) ago - Ski China Peak.

Corn Snow 0"
BRIAN’s iPhone - Tri2Ski

The great team at C.P. are gearing up and ready for a serious snowfall next week! With some help from cold temps, snow making and Mother Nature actually reading the "El Nino media hype" we should get some good coverage on the mountain! Ready for some skiing!

7 day(s) ago - Ski China Peak.


They need to open already and make good on their promise that they made so we'd all continue to buy season passes. A lot of places are open already that have received less snow than China peak.

10 day(s) ago - Ski China Peak.

BRIAN’s iPhone - Tri2Ski

There is "snow in them thar hills"! Thank you for the snow! Let it Snow, Let it Snow, let it dump snow! Come on El Nino'!

11 day(s) ago - Ski China Peak.

Powder 12"
Brad's iPhone

Just got 10-12 inches should be open after thanksgiving!!

11 day(s) ago - Ski China Peak.