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First-hand Reports

anonymous user

This is the worse I ever seen china peak Rocks and dirt patches everywhere bring old gear it will get messed up,they have a few park features but there park crew takes about 20 min or 3 runs to fix a feature so in short save your money don't waste your time here

16 days ago - Ski China Peak.

Machine Made
Ski China Peak +

Conditions were not that bad until about noon when the snow began to wear down and expose a lot of obstacles. The park only has a few boxes and rails which were constantly being repaired by staff do to the low snow. A half day would be worth it.

16 days ago - Ski China Peak.

Machine Made
Ski China Peak +

Conditions arent the best, people should wait till another storm. Lots of rcks and obstacles still not covered and messed up my skis. Wait till more snow unless you want ice, rocks, and bad skiing.

22 days ago - Ski China Peak.

Machine Made 0"
Jerry's Iphone

China peak needs to realize they aren't a tahoe resort. Youre small mountain above a college town for Christs sake start acting like it. I mean seriously raising your season pass prices when the last 3 winters have been snowless is a slap in the face.

23 days ago - Ski China Peak.

Demarcus letrell

Lines were short but it's not even snow! Just ice and rocks

24 days ago - Ski China Peak.

Variable Conditions