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Ski China Peak Resort Reviews

by: leftcoaster - 29th December 2010

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With all the promises made by the new owner, I thought I'd give it another chance. I should have known better.... China Peak was in no way ready for more then a couple hundred people. Customer Service was non existent, and when you could get it, they were frantic and ill prepared. For some reason they thought the conditions should make up for poor preperation and performance. Here are a few examples: Lift ticket purchase: Waited in line for 35 minutes, and it took 5 minutes for them to run my Credit Card and print 2 lift tickets. Food: They ran out of it by 12:45 at Midway (I think they call it Buckhorn now) and the line for food down at the bottom was over 30 minutes.... How do you run out of food? Wouldn't you call for more frozen blocks of meet like substance to be sent up when you started running low? When we finally did get food, it was a luke warm lump of meet, almost grey with a solidified piece of process cheese... no lettuce or tomato (they ran out). The only saving grace was the drinks are bottled, so they couldn't ruin that. Seating... you want seating as well??? We had to walk about a quarter mile (not joking) to find seating. Layout: Could you please spread everything out just a bit more? I always enjoy being exhausted before I even get on the lifts. Personnel: Just a suggestion here, please include a personality test to your hiring procedure China Peak. If I'm handing you $124 buck for lift tickets, the least you can do is smile and pretend I'm in front of you instead of talking to the other employees who are behind you.... and for gods sake, if you are going to talk to them, could you please ask them to quit screwing around and open another window for the sake of the 50 to 60 people behind me? Lift Line Personnel: Lose the Line Nazi mentality, especially with families... And don't speak down to my daughter about sliding into the last line too early when you let 6 of your buddies cut from the back of the que. One group from each line, except for your friends... It wasn't just one line either, it was almost all of them in which the staff was very curt. Ski Patrol: Nice, courtieous professionals... They were very polite and it was a breath of fresh air compared to the rest of the staff. Now for the mountain: Incredible! The ride was fantastic. The park was a bit lacking, but for this early in the year... they have a good start. They need a good big air table top. May I suggest a area to sit as well? They have some pretty skilled riders, and it was fun to just sit for a moment and watch... The snow was incredible, but that had everything to do with nature and not the resort. While the screwed up a lot, they weren't quite able to screw up the runs... To be honest, as bad as it seemed as Sierra Summit, I think it's actually gotten worse as far as Customer Service. I never remember a trip to Summit that was this bad. Before anyone thinks it, I was never and have never been an employee... just wanted to make that clear. I'm just a skier who expects a smile when I hand you my money... That's all.

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