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It's over invest in snow making today oh ya get a new faster lift on the left of lodge

33 day(s) ago - Sierra-at-Tahoe.


bottom is a mud puddle. only lower main remains. party us over folks. time to break out the summer sports.

37 day(s) ago - Sierra-at-Tahoe.

Wet Snow 0"

Wow, avoid at all costs! Terrible conditions.. They must be a couple days from closing. Had a free pass and I only took 2 runs.

39 day(s) ago - Sierra-at-Tahoe.


any updates? it seemed like it might of snowed a little Wednesday night?

40 day(s) ago - Sierra-at-Tahoe.

David’s iPhone

This was a tough day, Sunday. Being a Northerner we can ski on true ice conditions and this mountain had it. By the end of the day the ice melted into water and started pooling along the open runs left. I would save your money if possible and go to another mountain. notmany trails

43 day(s) ago - Sierra-at-Tahoe.

Variable Conditions 0"