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We as a family loved going skiing at Sierra all the kids learned to ski there. Our youngest was 18 months when first hit the slopes there this past "winter". Unfortunately this was probably our last time. My wife and a beloved mother passed away due to cancer.

169 day(s) ago - Sierra-at-Tahoe.


It's over invest in snow making today oh ya get a new faster lift on the left of lodge

203 day(s) ago - Sierra-at-Tahoe.


bottom is a mud puddle. only lower main remains. party us over folks. time to break out the summer sports.

207 day(s) ago - Sierra-at-Tahoe.

Wet Snow 0"

Wow, avoid at all costs! Terrible conditions.. They must be a couple days from closing. Had a free pass and I only took 2 runs.

209 day(s) ago - Sierra-at-Tahoe.


any updates? it seemed like it might of snowed a little Wednesday night?

210 day(s) ago - Sierra-at-Tahoe.