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Sherry’s iPhone

After yesterday's 4" dump, the runs are much better than yesterday. Weather is sunny but cold. Started snowing a bit in the afternoon and got windier but warmer. X'mas day was much more crowded than the 24th. I suspect it'll get worse tomorrow.

3 hours ago - Sierra-at-Tahoe.

Packed powder 4"
anonymous user

Snow was great in the morning, later in the day the lighting wasn't so great. Lines were very quick in the morning considering it is Xmas day. Most of the parks are open with no jumps. Overall a good day! Merry Xmas!

5 hours ago - Sierra-at-Tahoe.

Machine Groomed 4"
Sierra-at-Tahoe +

Gloomy morning with slightly slushy run. Snow and wind started coming in around noon and Sierra closed Grandview Express around 1:30pm due to strong wind. Snow and wind got heavier and visibility pretty bad in the late afternoon.

23 hours ago - Sierra-at-Tahoe.

Tricia Ouchi’s iPhone

Warm, sunny day. A bit crowded, but it's xmas vacay so to be expected. Lines were pretty quick considering. Anow was decent.

2 days ago - Sierra-at-Tahoe.


Hard and fast early morning, they opened west bowl but rocks and dirt are soft around 1200 best run was escape and castle way

3 days ago - Sierra-at-Tahoe.