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snow dawg

Considering it hasn't snowed in over 3 weeks and no snow making at Sierra except the bunny run, the conditions are pretty decent. There are probably about 10 runs that coverage and grooming make it quite nice. No black runs open that aren't covered in either rocks or ice. I commend the grooming team while we have this January lull in snow. Pray for snow folks !

3 days ago - Sierra-at-Tahoe.

Machine Made 0"

I assume the guy below meant sierra, unless he posted this review under wrong resort. Anyone recognize his picture?

4 days ago - Sierra-at-Tahoe.

Variable Conditions
Sierra-at-Tahoe +

Skied Kirkwood for first time today by far best snow coverage of any resorts in Tahoe. Runs were well groomed in the morning by afternoon coverage began show some dry stops by nothing to cause any major hazards. Well worth making the trip even with spring like conditions.

5 days ago - Sierra-at-Tahoe.

Machine Groomed
Sierra-at-Tahoe +

Went 1/17/15. Was a lot of fun, but the snow was definitely slushy in spots. Not too much ice. Better than I expected based on how long is been since fresh snow. Side note: they have yellow curry shrimp at their cafeteria that are quite excellent, better than your typical mnt food.

8 days ago - Sierra-at-Tahoe.

Wet Snow
Sierra-at-Tahoe +

December 26, 2014

12 days ago - Sierra-at-Tahoe.