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Mt. Baldy Resort Reviews

by: J bird - 30th December 2012

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Good Mountain/Location
Terrible service, rude, poor maintenance, rocks rocks rocks

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Seriously Baldy? Your reputation is already on thin ice with the Socal Ski/snowboard community, and you literally do nothing to try and reshape this image. I could handle the sometimes rude lifties, the lack of real runs (because you don't really make snow like all the other resorts), the poor maintenance on the trails (ungroomed and littered with rocks), but now it's difficult to keep accepting these inadequacies because of a recent visit. Mt. Blady's terrible maintenance finally got the better of my gear. I'm good about avoiding rocks, sometimes it happens, but you are taking that risk if you ride trails, especially at Baldy. Everyone knows Mt. Blady is a whatever broke down resort, you just can't let that phase you, that's how I would approach every Baldy visit. However, I was getting off the lift at the top of Thunder mountain when the bottom of my pants got stuck to the lift chair. How you say? Wtf right? If you have been to Baldy you know that the Thunder mountain chairlift(lift #3) was built for skiers only, it has two individual seats with a bar down the middle that connects it to the upper steel cable. Each seat on the chairlift is made by bolting individual planks of wood to the bottom metal frame, and since the lift is ancient these connections are not great. Some lifts have had their planks replaced, but most are still the originals. As far as I can gather, the chair I was on happened to have a slightly raised bolt on the inner connection of the last plank. Well, maybe a milometer to centimeter is all it took for the little flap over the zippered back pocket to get caught. Suffice to say, the pants ripped under my weight and now I have a F@#X!NG HOLE IN MY NEW 150$ GORE-TEX pants. Go to wikipedia and read about Baldy's ancient #1 and #3 lifts... built in 1952 by a company that went out of business 2 years later..... If Baldy had ever been a profitable resort these lifts would have been upgraded, and that is surprising because Baldy is the closest resort to LA. Ask yourself this Baldy, if you've got the 'Real' mountain and you are the closest, then why is almost everyone willing to drive to Wrightwood or Bear over Mt. Blady?.... Mismanagement? Incompetence? LOL at your stockton flats expansion plans, a true pipe dream.

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