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First-hand Reports

Mountain High +

Very bad condition, wet slush since morning. I don't recommend coming up, not worth it.

13 hours ago - Mountain High.

Wet Snow

Meh at best. Went Monday. Hasn't snowed and it's pretty much dirt everywhere (on runs and off). Basically it starts out ok for about two runs and then turns into slush. That being said, the jumps are still pretty fun given the conditions. I just can't believe that they are charging full price.

3 days ago - Mountain High.

Wet Snow 0"

It hasn't snowed since December, anyone who says the conditions are good is delusional. Things are terrible and I wouldn't be surprised if they have to close soon.

4 days ago - Mountain High.

Corn Snow 0"
Mountain High +

The upper mountain was icy. Lower mountain was thin powder. Really crowded. Lots of beginners up here. Other than that i had a good time.

13 days ago - Mountain High.

Variable Conditions

up here now, very crowded. conditions actually pretty good. few dirt patches here and there, but nothing serious. glad i came up.

14 days ago - Mountain High.