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12/9 no rain. Bring Rock board. Take what I can get.

18 hours ago - Kirkwood.

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Anyone go this weekend? How's the snow and what lifts were open?

5 day(s) ago - Kirkwood.

Kirkwood +

Thursday morning with blue sky's. Snow making continues and conditions are packed powder. coverage is thin in the trees and some dirt and rock is showing on the groomers. Kirkwood is doing a great job maintaining the runs. Chair 6 passed the inspection but is still down waiting on parts and better snow coverage. Looks like fresh snow next week. Still great to be up here on the first day of December!

9 day(s) ago - Kirkwood.

Kirkwood +

snow continues to fall and conditions are looking good. 28 degrees at 8,000 feet. chair 5 and 11 are open today and they continue to prep the other lifts....the snow is continuing to fall not bad for November....stoke level 10 for day 1...

12 day(s) ago - Kirkwood.

mdelaney’s iPhone

How was it today?

12 day(s) ago - Kirkwood.

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